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SÅ LYFTER VI SVERIGE A unique document
with a broad-spectrum joint view on how to
make Sweden truly benefit from aviation

2014 In this document, a wide collection of Swedish aviation stakeholders present and discuss aviation in terms of benefits, problems and solutions. The point is that aviation provides means for Sweden to fulfil its ambitions within accessibility, growth, and innovation, and that the environmental challenges can be met and overcome provided that the right measures are taken.

The document gathers a uniquely broad spectrum of stakeholders with the aim of creating a long-awaited consensus within the aviation area.

My job is to be moderator/facilitator, writer/editor, designer and layouter.

Download Så lyfter vi Sverige (pdf, Swedish, 3.2 MB)

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The national strategy for Swedish
electronic systems research and innovation.

2013 This document is the Swedish research-and-innovation agenda for electronic systems. The agenda highlights three distinct challenges for Sweden – creating better knowledge transfer and collaboration in the value chains; refining our national excellence; securing competence regrowth – and provides a number of suggestions for activities to address these challenges.

Throughout the document, the logic leading from challenges, via vision and objectives, to suggested activities is extremely highlighted for ease of reading.

My role in the project is initially to package existing contents in a readable form, but I end up helping the project to restructure and reformulate the contents for better target group hit rate. Altogether, I function as moderator/facilitator, writer/editor, designer and layouter.

Download Smartare elektroniksystem för Sverige (pdf, Swedish, 7.8 MB)

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With the aid of this document, the author/sender collective was granted one of Sweden's rare Strategic Innovation Programmes issued by the three public authorities VINNOVA – Sweden's Innovation Agency, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish Research Council Formas.

NRIA FLYG 2013 The national strategy for
Swedish aerospace research and innovation
– plus something extra about innovation in general.

2013 Once again, a collection of Swedish aerospace stakeholders within industry, academy, institutes, interest groups and authorities gather around the table to analyse Swedish aerospace innovation. The goal: to determine the right strategic moves for providing Sweden with the best possible position in international competition, and to communicate this strategy.

The document focuses very directly on strategic suggestions, keeping "nonsense and blur" to a minimum.

I function as project leader, moderator/facilitator, writer/editor, designer and layouter.

Download NRIA Flyg 2013 (pdf, Swedish, 13.0 MB)

In the process, we realise that we want to express aspects of the Swedish innovation system in general, without specific connection to strategic moves in the aerospace field. Therefore, we decide to launch a supporting document with these aspects – our view of the Swedish innovation system. This document is intended to benchmark the aerospace technology area's position as innovation leader.

Download Vår syn på det svenska innovationssystemet (pdf, Swedish, 3.1 MB)

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With the aid of this document, the author/sender collective was granted one of Sweden's rare Strategic Innovation Programmes issued by the three public authorities VINNOVA – Sweden's Innovation Agency, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish Research Council Formas.

NRIA SÄKERHET 2011 A slim and
efficient agenda for the Swedish
civil-security research field.

2011 A number of representatives from industry, academy and institutes within civil security research in Sweden gather to agree on the way forward for the research field, and to communicate this way forward to the responsible politicians.

I am contracted as moderator/facilitator for the work, and as editor for the message that slowly takes shape in the group. I also do the design and layout.

The resulting document is well received and is generally regarded a slim and efficient piece of communication.

Download Nationell forsknings- och innovationsagenda – Civil säkerhet (pdf, Swedish, 1.4 MB)

FÖRDEL RYMD A description of
Swedish space research in terms
of benefits and prerequisites.

2010–2011 Space research might not be an enormous subject in Sweden, but over the years, Swedish knowledge and technology have been internationally recognised and highly sought-after.

To make sure these abilities of Sweden's do not just become an historical reputation, but rahter something that can generate both jobs and export revenue, representatives from the research field decide to create a document that will unify the field and communicate the necessary political action.

I function as moderator/facilitator for the work, and as editor/designer/layouter of the document, which describes seven different areas with connection to space research in Sweden: four benefits, and three prerequisites.

Apart from being directed towards politicians, the document is also used as a general introduction to space research for all employees within one of the participating enterprises.

Download Fördel rymd (pdf, Swedish, 8.3 MB)

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NRA FLYG 2010 A unique Swedish
aerospace research agenda
including nine concrete steps forward.

2009–2011 The major part of my 2009 is spent together with prominent players on the Swedish aerospace arena. The task: to make a national research agenda, looking 30 years ahead to 2040.

I am moderator/facilitator for the work, and editor as well as designer/layouter for the agenda.

Released in February 2010, NRA Flyg 2010 comprises the agreed way forward for industry, academy and institutes in aerospace Sweden. Nine recommendations for the best interests of aerospace Sweden are suggested to serve as input for the Swedish Government's proposition on research.

Download NRA Flyg 2010 (pdf, Swedish, 5.9 MB)

Early 2011, part of the project group and I proceed to produce an addendum to the NRA Flyg 2010. In this addendum, one of the nine recommendations from the base document is further explored and refined.

Download NRA Flyg 2010 – Addendum 2011:1 (pdf, Swedish, 5.0 MB)

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A magazine about technology
within the Saab Group.

2006–2011 The all-in-one job: a restart for Saab's internal magazine Transfer, a publication which had existed for more than a decade, with the scope of spreading knowledge among the Saab Group's different business units.

I am appointed freelance editor in 2006, and start out by making a total redesign of the magazine; I ask Tony Henschel, award-winning publication redesigner, to set the basic form, which becomes extremely well received inside Saab as well as externally.

But form is not all; my contribution as editor is to try to make the intended "technology transfer" between nodes within the Group as smooth as possible for the readers, to make the magazine highly readable. Besides being the editor, I function as writer, photographer, illustrator, and designer/layouter.

Download an issue of Transfer (pdf, English, 5.0 MB)

A fine selection of OTHER PROJECTS

2012–present I freelance on demand as an instructional designer for the Swedish branch of e-learning provider Kineo. The e-learning courses are mainly directed toward sales and workshop personnel in the technology industry. My job is to produce illustrations and Flash scenes for the L.O.U.I.S.E. framework.

2010 Saab, one of Sweden's largest technology enterprises, offers more than 300 very different products and services. How to present all these on the corporate website, for the customers to explore? How to design a standard setup for the presentation with enough room for individualities? And how to ensure that all products become presented in a selling way? I design a template to be used by product owners, with the aim of minimising the need for professional text editing. I also design and supervise the editing process.

2007 "A driving-pleasure test for true car enthusiasts!" These words launch my redesign of the test pages in Swedish car magazine Automobil in issue 9.07. The key requirement for this work is that the magazine's trademark "engineering" test results, which might seem complicated to the layman, must be presented in an easily comprehensible and tasty way. In all, a piece of work that contains many different aspects of technology communication. Just as I like it.

2006–present Following up a previous employment, I frequently freelance as an instructional designer for Swedish market-leading e-learning provider Minerva CLP. The scopes of the e-learning courses are mainly within the sales sector of technology industry. My job is to determine the general outline of the course, to find the facts to be presented, to pack it up in a pedagogical manuscript and to suggest graphic solutions.

2004–2005 I write a regular column, or rather a page, in Swedish car magazine Teknikens Värld about the technology used in today's cars. All this term dropping – what do the abbreviations actually mean? How does the technology behind them work, in terms understandable by the reader? In this assignment, as in many others, my "dual" background and knowledge in both technology and visualisation prove extremely useful. The typical page contains step-by-step descriptions, and are very well received by the readers.

2001–2005 Many phenomena in the car business are worth a joke or two. How often have you heard bent truths in the car companies' commercials and statemens? For a few years, I draw a cartoon strip for Swedish car magazine Teknikens Värld, where I get the chance to be really neurotic about things that upset me in the world of cars. I produce a little more than 100 strips. A selection:

106 – Online diagnosis
221 – Insurance
303 – Delivery service
317 – Sport combi
408 – Retro bikes
509 – Congestion
513 – Ice-cream van
518 – Make-up
522 – Pain threshold

1997–present Conveying the proper message is not only vaild for specific products and services. In a broader sense, the proper message might be in the form of a corporate profile, designed to appeal to the intended target group. Over the years I have designed a number of logotypes and complete profiles for a wide range of different clients.

1986–present Not all illustrations are visual. Animations, instructional videos, commercials and similar use the "audio channel" to convey information. I have been fidgeting with music-production equipment since the 1980s, working my way up from stand-alone synths and sequencers, through Atari and Macintosh computers, to today's fully integrated sound-production applications like Cubase and Logic.